Decking Products in Rhode Island

Why Choose Composite Decking?

No splinters. No mold. No restaining.

Your deck is a part of your home, not that "place-outside-that-you-pretend-is-not-there". Embrace the beautiful New England weather and enjoy dinner on the deck, host a party, relax. The purpose of a deck has changed over the years and so has the building materials available. Your choices for decking material used to be: 1) Wood, 2) Wood or 3) Wood. Today, there's many choices, but we believe at Beauchemin Lumber that composite decking is the best choice, the smarter choice. Below are our preferred vendors we work with.

Composite Deck FAQ's

The main decision is what material to use. Years ago there was only regular wood (spruce or hemlock) and from there it progressed to pressure treated, which is treated southern yellow pine. There are many more choices today. The most popular is Composite or PVC decking. There is also composite decking with a plastic wrap which helps with preventing mildew.

Generally, the customer will have some sort of plan or drawing of the deck they wish to purchase. We will estimate the quantity and lengths of the boards they will need to complete their deck. We do the same for railings if needed. The most popular is vinyl railing with little or no maintenance.

The biggest challenge is having the right plan and to make sure it is built to local building codes.

Regular maintenance for wood decks would be power washing, cleaning and re-staining. Maintenance for composite or PVC is pretty much just power washing or cleaning if there are stains or mildew.

I would suggest hiring a reputable and capable contractor for the above mentioned reasons. They will also be able to offer different ideas and suggestions.

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